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Complete FootCare Clinic

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Most general conditions will be covered in a routine treatment, including nails, hard skin, corns and calluses.  The Podiatrist will provide any relevant foot health advice and discuss any concerns you have regarding the health of your feet.



An initial standard routine appointment and foot health check is carried out to see if you qualify for our nail cutting service. If accepted for this service a return date will be advised within 12 weeks.

Nails will be cut, filed and thinned. For hard skin removal or ingrowing toenails you will need to book a routine treatment.



Certain medical conditions require specialist treatment, Diabetes is an example of this. Diabetics may have reduced sensation and circulation to the feet and are at higher risk of infection. Therefore it is very important that the feet are regularly looked after and checked by a Podiatrist to prevent future problems.



Biomechanics is the study of the function of the lower limb and it treates or prevents painful symptoms in the foot, lower limb, hips and back.

A biomechanical examination is an appointment to assess and diagnose the root cause of your pain. The Practitioner will assess how you walk, the posture of your feet and the impact on the rest of your body. Treatment options will then be discussed, for example exercises, stretches, simple insoles, orthoses and acupucture.



In the event of an emergency we will endeavour to see you within 24 hours.



Simply call us on 01684 563660 or use our contact form.

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Domicillary visits are available - please contact us to discuss

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